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10 febrero 2006

Un guión que debería ganar el Oscar.

The Squid and the Whale (El calamar y la ballena)
de Noah Baumbach
Walt Berkman (Jesse Eisenberg) is pleased that his solo song at the school talent show induces his divorcing parents to attend the performance together. But there's one small problem, and it lands him in the office of the school's therapist, Mr. Waddles (Ken Leung).
WADDLES Do you have any thoughts about why you're here, Walt?
WALT Not really.
WADDLES Nothing?
Waddles waits a moment, consults his notes.
WADDLES You said you wrote the song you played in assembly.
WALT Uh-huh.
WALT I don't know.
WADDLES Did you have a reason?
WALT I felt I could've written it.
WADDLES O.K. But you didn't. It was written by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. I think you know that.
WALT Yes, but I felt I could've so the fact that it was already written was kind of a technicality.
WADDLES I see. (Pause.) I can imagine this is a little uncomfortable for you to talk about.
WALT I guess. It's hard to explain.
WADDLES I wonder how you're feeling right now.
WALT I don't know.
WADDLES I'd like to know more about you. Why don't you tell me about something less uncomfortable? A nice memory maybe.
WALT Isn't that kind of a stock question for a shrink?
WADDLES Yes, that's more or less how this works.
WALT I can't think of anything right now.
WADDLES Just think.
WALT Come on. ...
WADDLES Just something. Meet me halfway here.
[Walt describes going to the American Museum of Natural History with his mother and then, that night, listening as she recounts the events of their day, including how scary the giant squid and whale exhibits were.]
WADDLES Did your dad live at home back then?
WALT Yeah, why?
WADDLES You didn't mention him. Where was he during all of this?
WALT He was ... I don't know exactly. Downstairs maybe. He didn't ever come to the museum. ... This was ... it was before my brother was born ... before. ... It was earlier. ...
Walt stops for a moment, choked up. He looks at Waddles with a surprised expression on his face. Waddles gives him a "Not bad, eh?" shrug.


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