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09 enero 2006

Paul O. Williams

Back in town. Unas ajetreadasvacaciones y volvemos a la carga.

gone from the wood
the bird I knew
by song alone

se ha marchado del bosque
el ave del que sólo supe
su canción


  • At 5:57 p. m., Blogger Gonzalo A. said…

    Angel’s Smile

    I treasure so much the time we shared.

    Around the table and sit on the chairs.

    The laughter we had,

    A true love I get.

    Though this ’s the time that we must part,

    All the stories were held by heart.

    Memories keep alive,

    Love will never die.

    If one day I see you in the street,

    You and me will forever fit.

    May our love still be warm,

    So don’t be afraid of the storm.

    Hope you recall the dreams we shared,

    Hell will never come to here.

    The good fight we had fought,

    Your smile can’t be bought.

    Nickname of author: Koban Zenki

  • At 6:02 p. m., Blogger Gonzalo A. said…

    perdon, se me olvido decir, hice todo lo posible pero se perdio la pagina =S. Ahora pongo el link de donde sake este poema, ahi hay varios muy buenos:

  • At 12:29 p. m., Blogger Dorix said…

    Por fin...


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